The agricultural industry and private landowners in the western states have seen an ever-growing rise in attacks on their rights, in the form of government regulations, legislation and litigation. At the root of many of these attacks is a fundamental lack of information about the agricultural industry, as well as private landowners, and what they do.

In general, the ever-increasing urban and suburban population base has little appreciation for the critical role of agriculture in the United States. With most Americans being three generations removed from the farm and ranch, the public is greatly unaware of the benefits farmer and ranchers provide, through livestock and crop production, for the economy and the health of the land. Instead, producers are faced with accusations of damages to the environment and wildlife.

Only by educating the general public on how agricultural producers and private land owners are taking action to protect the land and natural resources can the industry counter the attacks that they are currently faced with. This effort must reach far beyond a single organization or a state line. The Cattlegrowers Foundation is taking on this challenge. Through educational efforts that focus on the general public, media, politicians and agricultural producers themselves, along with partnering with other organizations, the Foundation is taking action to ensure that future generations have a place to produce the food that the world needs.

What does the Foundation hope to achieve? The Foundation’s primary goal is to support agricultural producers and private land owners in the public space. Through education of the public and law makers, the Foundation can help with the many challenges the industry faces. The Foundation supports numerous educational opportunities for agricultural producers with an emphasis on land stewardship, improved management practices, leadership skills and, for young producers, how to manage agribusinesses to be successful in the 21st Century.