Through your tax-deductible donation, the Foundation can continue to provide important educational programs for youth, producers and the public.

By donating, you can help the Foundation lay the groundwork for future generations to continue to thrive in the agricultural industry.

How to Donate
Donations to the Cattlegrowers’ Foundation are tax deductible. There are many ways to contribute to the Foundation including one-time donations, planned giving, endowments or land donations through our Raise a Rancher program.

Planned Giving
The Cattlegrowers’ Foundation offers a list of certified experts that can help you plan a gift, whether it is setting up an on-going donation or planning a gift with your estate.

Creating an endowment for the Cattlegrowers’ Foundation or a specific program is one way to provide a donation that will continue to benefit the foundation for years to come.

  • General Endowment
    • A general endowment provides monetary support to the foundation that can go towards programs, education or general management of the organization.
  • Program Endowment
    • A program-specific endowment allows you to direct which program or programs you specifically want your donation to support to ensure that program can continue in the future.
  • Named Endowments
    • A named endowment offers members, family or fries to create an endowment for a specific purpose in honor of a member of the foundation. This endowment is subject to certain criteria and allows family and friends to leave a legacy on a member’s behalf.

Raise a Rancher Program
Donations of eligible farm or ranch land can be gifted to the Foundation, which is then sold or rented to qualified young ranchers. Through this program, the Foundation hopes to create a new generation of ranchers by removing one of the largest obstacles to starting a ranch.